As the distributor for LES MILLS® in the Midwest, SCW Fitness is passionate about all things LES MILLS®! We handle everything from certification trainings, assessments and autoship to sales and club coaching! If you need just about anything ‘LES MILLS®’ in IL WI, MN, IA,ND, SD, NE, KS, MO, IN, MI, OH just talk to us and we will help you get it.

You can count on us to deliver a quality fitness product in a timely fashion, right to your gym or even to your door. Our dedication to getting you the information and tools you - the Instructor, Gym Owner, GFM, fitness fanatic - need is what drives us.

LES MILLS® group fitness classes harness the energy of many for a motivating, challenging and totally addictive workout experience. All 13 LES MILLS® classes are scientifically backed, and proven all around the world.

LES MILLS® is the global leader in the creation of world-class group fitness programs. At SCW we are passionate about providing inspiring, motivating and totally addictive group fitness workouts that get results. We also know that sometimes a little individual attention is what you need. Along with 13 LES MILLS® group fitness classes we have three unique LES MILLS® small group team training programs. You'll find a LES MILLS® program that will help you achieve your goals - whatever they may be!

Feel free to browse our site for what you need or ask us directly via the contact us page.

Kia Kaha!
(Be strong or keep going - Maori language, New Zealand)